How it works?


Steps to apply for the up to $10,000 line of credit

  1. Submit the Intrigue Fine Jewelry Credit Application.
  2. Shop from our selection of thousands of fine jewelry pieces, watches, and more.
  3. You will pay only the 30% of the purchase price today.
  4. Get instantly approved for a credit line up to $10,000 dollars.
  5. Go to My Account and click on Begin E-Signature to complete the enrollment application.
  6. Go to Purchase Orders and Sign your purchase receipt.

Note: You must upload a valid debit card for future payments. We are unable to accept payments from credit cards or peer-to-peer bank cards. I.E. Cashapp, Venmo, or Chime etc. We are also unable to accept payments from prepaid cards. 

Thank you,

The Intrigue Fine Jewelry Team